Grøn - Lever Acupressur, Qi Gong og Teori

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Green the whole collection contains

1. Theory, Liver and gall bladder acording to TCM Traditionel Chineese medicine

2. Acupressure, points and meridians

3. QiGong Liverform

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What You will learn

All you will learn relates to the liver and gallbladder energy. Reasons and symptoms of unbalanced Liver chi and how to get it back in balance with diet guidance, acupressure and qigong.

Learn about...

What is chi? What are meridians?

Acupressure techniques to regulate and balancing the liver and gallbladder, to reach or maintain wellbeeing an how to reduce pain, stifness, headaches. 

Learn how anger, frustrations and irritability relates to the liver and how to release tis conditions.

Lear this beautiful and effective Qigong form for the liver in 3 steps. It is created to balancing the liver and gallbladder chi, to remove blokages, increase energy, wellbeeing.

Increase health, strenght and good spirit in general, to become stronger to fullfill your dreams and goals.