Stone Treasure

$ 220.00

The NatureĀ“s stone Treasure is a Vase with a lid made i a rustic and natural design. 

H.: 16 cm

B.: 14 cm

Veight 1,5 kg

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Discover the beauty of nature's raw materials with this unique artwork, "Nature's Stone Treasure". This handmade ceramic vase with lid is crafted from rough clay in a natural earth tone, bringing a rustic and organic elegance to any space. The sturdy and timeless shape combined with the sculptural texture creates a visual and tactile experience that awakens the senses. Use it to showcase your favorite flowers or as a decorative element on its own. "Nature's Stone Treasure" is not just an artwork, it is also a symbol of the connection between humans and nature. Take a piece of nature's treasure home and enrich your life with authentic beauty.