Red - Heart Theory, Qi Gong and acupressure

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Regulates the heat and blood circulation Relieves unbalances in the heart Increased focus

Increase wellbeeing ang happiness

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The Heart form – Qi Gong The heart form origin is Master Zhang Guangde from Sports university in Beijing. I learned it by Master Yang Yubing also from Sports University in Beijing. Regulates the heat and blood circulation Relieves unbalances in the heart Increased focus

Emphasizes mind focus. In general, the local point is Laogong. Laogong is an acupoint in the hand that corresponds to our heart. Emphasizes coordination movements and breathing. Breathing while doing the heart form involves long and slow exhalations that reduces the platalets adhesion. In other words, it thins the blood. The heart form involves arm rotation and spiraling. The arms are therefore in a constant motion. This clears the heart meridian. Activating the extremities. This means the areas below albow and knee joints. Fingers and toes are important parts in our movements during the form. Chinese doctors say that the 12 meridians’ primary points are tied to ailments in the 5 main organs. Each of the 12 meridians’ primary points are located around our wrist and ankle joints. That’s why we move our extremities. The heart form emphasizes slowness. The movements are done slowly and gently like a silk worm spitting out slow and unbroken – or like running water. There are no obvious stops. This clears all the veins in our body and regulates blood flow. Futhermore, it helps calming our minds and improves our cardiovascular system to normalise our blood pressure To see improvement, you should practice the form every day. You can repeat the form up to 3 times a day. To really learn the form and get solid results, you should take the 100 days course which is training for 100 days in a row. IMPORTANT If you have health issues we will always advise you to consult a doctor. If your doctor cannot find a reason for your health issues you can start your own journey against a better health. The ancient Eastern cultures lived according to the seasons and observed closely the visible and invisible workings of nature. Through this observation they explained how our bodies work. The inner organs were associated with "elements" like wood, water, earth, metal, and fire, and how all these correlates to our inner ecosystem, our organs. That is called “the five elements theory”. Each element has a corresponding organ, season, time of peak action, food, and specific action.