Autumm Leaf - Large ceramic Vase in Warm Colours

$ 2,300.00

Autumn Leaf - Large Ceramic Vase in Warm Colors is an impressive work of art that brings the beauty of autumn into your home. This ceramic vase is inspired by autumn leaves in warm, vibrant colors. It is adorned with the most beautiful leaves and features a background of rich green color. With its impressive size of 30 cm and a weight of 7.1 kg, this vase will be a captivating centerpiece in any room.

H: 30 cm - 11,41 inch

B: 30 cm - 11,41 inch

V. 7kg - 14 pound

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Autumn Leaf - Large Ceramic Vase in Warm Colors is an aesthetic masterpiece that captures the essence of the enchanting beauty of autumn. This ceramic vase is created as a tribute to autumn leaves and their warm, vibrant colors. The leaves are carefully selected and intricately decorated on the surface of the vase, creating a visual fireworks of colors and patterns.

The background of the vase is painted in a rich green color, which serves as a perfect contrast to the warm colors of the leaves. The green color adds a sense of calmness and harmony to the vase while highlighting its natural aesthetic.

This large ceramic vase is an impressive work of art standing at a height of 30 cm and weighing 7.1 kg. Its impressive size allows the vase to take a central place in any room, where it will capture the eyes and create an atmospheric ambiance.

Autumn Leaf - Large Ceramic Vase in Warm Colors is not just a visual artwork but also a functional object. It can hold a significant amount of flowers or branches, making it ideal for creating an impressive floral arrangement or a standalone art piece. This vase will add a unique and inviting dimension to any space, bringing the beauty and warm colors of nature into your home.